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P003 → Production proces

The animation proces in eight steps


Step 1

Writing the script.

The script consists of a scene description of what is shown in the animation and what the voiceover explains about the subject at hand.

Step 2 


The script is checked and updated if nescesary.

Step 3

Recording draft Voice-over

The script is now used for a draft voice-over spoken by one of our studio partners.

Step 4

Sketching out and designing the storyboard

Storyboard sketches are made based on the script. The scenes are drawn out on paper to get an overview of the story.  Characters, props and backgrounds are designed and/or assembled and made into scene-compositions.  The compositions are now placed on a video-timeline with the draft Voice-over and exported out as an Animated Storyboard.

Step 5

Review animated storyboard and draft Voice-over

Corrections are made on design and voice-over based on the clients feedback.

Step 6

Recording Final Voice-over and animation

The updated script is send to a voice-over actor and recorded. Now we start animating the individual scene’s.

Step 7

Review first version of the animation

The animation is being reviewed with the help of a checklist. Feedback of all parties are collected and corrections are being made.

Step 8

Delivery final animation

The animation is ready and sent to the client!

Storyboard pencil sketch example.

Design and montage