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Drifter TV studio
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We believe that mutual understanding is key for any business or organisation.

It is our goal and chalenge to understand our clients, so we can translate their message into something that resonates with it’s target audience. We found out that animation is a great way to make that happen! We are passionate about making a difficult subject easy to understand.

E-learning animation: Non intrusive ways employers can use to find out about their workers financial problems.

Drifter TV studio started out in the year 2000 as a plaform for interactive animation and vj performance.

From then on it’s main focus is on aplied animation and motion graphics. The studio works for a wide range of clients such as: Trimbos, Novib, Vodafone and SOA Aids NL. It’s focus has always been to find solutions in storytelling to make a message compelling and effective. Drifter TV studio was founded by Nils Mühlenbruch, an established artist and designer with decades of experience. He collaborates with various talented freelance designers, soundproducers and writers to produce high quality animation and graphics.   

© Photo by Fratsemacher

Drifter TV Playground

All work and no play? i don’t think so. In our playground, sound and visuals join forces in Drifter TV’s audiovisual performance ‘Art Riot’. Check out the Playground and shop sections of the site or hop over to: nilsmuhlenbruch.nl and take a look at his beautiful collection of drawings and prints.